Atarn's Handaxe

a legendary, yet simple, weapon of great power

weapon (melee)

Atarn’s Handaxe: +1 gnollbane throwing returning handaxe; AL CG; Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 14; Empathy, 120ft, vision and hearing; Ego score 12.
Lesser Powers: Continual deathwatch effect, Has 10 ranks in Knowledge (geography) (total modifier +12
Greater Powers: Heat-seeker Throw 1/encounter (see below)
Personality: A young Jherrik Atarn first wielded this powerful blade during one of the many raids on his hometown by gnolls. Since then, it has never left his side, becoming his signature weapon in his self-styled crusade against all gnolls. Those who see the blade describe it as “nothing more than a well-worn, wood-chopping axe.” The axe is gruff, battle-hardened, and rarely ever intervenes on it’s master’s wishes; so long as it is used to strike down evil creatures, it remains content.

(Once per encounter, the wielder can take a full-round action to throw the axe at his highest base attack bonus to strike up to three living targets in a 10 ft. radius. The wielder is not considered armed with the axe while it’s thrown. The axe returns normally as a returning weapon)


Atarn's Handaxe

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